Author Mary Gutierrez was born in Aurora, Colorado to Pablino Gutierrez and Marjorie McDonald Gutierrez to whom her first book of poems is dedicated. She currently lives in Pensacola, Florida. She is one of five children; she has one brother and three sisters. She also has seven nieces and nephews and five great nieces and nephews.

Her Father was is in the U.S. Air Force, which meant they moved frequently as she was growing up. However, she would not have changed this experience for anything in world. This lifestyle exposed her to other ways of life and thought. This diversification of people and cultures is something that she feels all children and people should be exposed to.

Her Mother chose to work at home. This choice was one that the author has been forever grateful for. It provided her with the stable, loving, and balanced home life she needed as child.

The author has often stated that she not only loved her parents, but that she was in love with her parents. Although they were far from “rich” with material things growing up, she always felt valued and loved and attributes this for giving her the confidence and drive to reach all the goals she has set for herself.

Ms. Gutierrez is a strong environmental, social justice, and animal rights advocate. Her professional background is as an Environmental Professional. She currently runs her own non-profit, Earth Ethics, Inc., and is partner in an Ecological Consulting firm, Stella Maris Consortium.

She finds inspiration and peace in music, literature, art, animals, nature, and spending time with friends and family.

She lives her life by the following credos she wrote after the passing of her father.

Forgive others and more importantly, forgive yourself.

Love your friends and families. Tell them that you love them—often.

Stay away from negative people and negative energy.

Be a light for those who are lost AND for those who aren’t.

Share yourself with others. You are not here by accident.

Give back to the community.

Live your dreams.

Fulfill your passions.

Live life to honor your parents, your children, and yourself.

Never lose hope. Each day is filled with love, growth, beauty, and peace.