Words in a Web

It’s here! The anthology of poems, Words in a Web, with several other poets. I have 5 pieces in this book. You can find it on Amazon at https://a.co/d/fZqv5L5 Themes in this collection include; coming of age, compassion, nostalgia, aging, music, racism, futuristic, environment, and more. There is something for everyone. The poems, prose, flash fiction, and memoir have been specially selected by this diverse group of writers for inclusion in this volume. I hope to do some readings and book signings in the fall.

Voices of the Earth: The Future of Our Planet III

Published by Notable Works Publication and Distribution Co., Inc.
“……The future of our planet depends on those willing to listen. The future is shaped by inspired people willing to act to protect our
earth…..“The poems included in this publication remind us how powerful words create awareness. These stories inspire us to
engage with our surroundings, protect our planet, and respect the voices of others. I hope these wonderful words provoke you into
action……!” Wanda Hopkins, Narragansett Tribal Elder Leader and Member of the Native American Advisory Council at UR.

“These poems capture the essence of the natural world in words, evoking vivid images of the landscape and its flora and fauna. Reading these were a tranquil and meditative experience that inspires a deep appreciation for not just Rhode Island’s nature, but the natural world all people get to call home.” Jeffrey C. Hall: Executive Director Audubon Society of Rhode Island.

Goals for this Notable Works’ 2023 Publication Project: Notable Works hopes these newly created poems and updated listings of Rhode Island environmental agencies included in this 2023 collection, will awaken in the reader a renewed sense of urgency about the state of our rapidly spinning planet, which is encumbered with and feeling the repercussions of a changing climate. With a restored awareness and willingness to open our eyes and minds to many possibilities, both new and old, we can work together to live more sustainably and protect this great planet
for future generations.

Individual copies may be ordered via www.notableworks.org

Voices of the Earth: The Future of Our Planet II

Published by Notable Works Publication and Distribution Co., Inc. is a collection of original works by Rhode Island poets focusing on the theme of resilience, sustainable living, and adapting to a changing climate. To learn more about this book and/or to purchase a copy, please visit www.notableworks.org

Although living in Florida, Poet Mary Gutierrez shares a piece in this book that addresses the impacts of Climate Change.

“What a pleasure to read the wide variety of poems in this most recent volume of poetry, Voices of the Earth – The Future of Our Planet, vol. II, compiled and published by Notable Works! Writers of different generations, backgrounds, and experiences all contributed to their poems. That kind of variety among those we published makes for reading that displays many different and surprising poetic forms. Most of all, the passion expressed by the writers of all these poems reflects how the issues of environmental protection, in all its forms, need to be given a forum, and that action needs to follow. All of these concerns need a voice. In these pages, you’ll find a chorus of poetic voices speaking. We’re confident you’ll enjoy their poems as much as we did. David Dragone, Editor, Crosswinds Poetry Journal

Works in progress!

Not just one, but two poetry books, I AM and Greengirl Memoirs. Stay tuned for the publishing of both.

Still a work in progress…..Almost every family has a treasured recipe, beloved as much for the memories it evokes of family get-togethers or a special family member, as it is for its taste. Most families have many such recipes, handed down through generations, taught to children, or squirreled away on index cards or scraps of paper. This cookbook not only shares recipes from two different families combined in marriage, it tells the story of the families and people behind the recipes.

More than just a cookbook, it’s a wonderful human interest story, it’s a love story (a love of one’s family), and it’s a story of immigration and unity.

Naked in the Rain

“Naked in the Rain” is Mary’s first book of poems compiled for publication. These poems are reflections written on her life as she journeys through spiritual growth and the human experience.

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